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WPT500 Los Angeles Progresses at The Bicycle Casino with 10 Flights Now in the Books

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WPT500 Los Angeles Progresses at The Bicycle Casino with 10 Flights Now in the Books

The WPT500 Los Angeles is in full swing as ten of the event’s sixteen starting flights are already in the books. The most recent two were ticked off as completed last night at The Bicycle Casino. Days 1I and 1J together drew 240 contenders on Wednesday to swell the overall field to 1,195 entries. Of that overall field, there are just 60 left in contention for the title and the first-place prize.

Day 1I featured a 174-strong field that had been reduced to just nine players when organizers called it a day. Thomas Zanot was the survivor to bag the largest stack. The player will progress into Day 2 of play with 1.1 million in chips. It is also important to note that Zanot is holding one of the largest stacks in the overall temporary leaderboard. Arkadi Onikoul with 545,000 and Gladys Landegger with 396,000 comprise the Day 1I podium.

The tournament’s ninth starting flight kicked off at 11:30 am local time at the host casino and ran through Level 19. It is important to note that when Day 2 starts on Sunday, August 26, the blinds will be rolled back to the earliest finish of all 16 flights.

Quick Day 1J Recap

The Day 1J (Turbo) starting flight saw 66 players in attendance. That field was eventually whittled down to the final three players. Douglas Claybrook emerged as the chip leader, putting 600,000 in his bag at the end of the day. Chris DeMaci with 507,000 and Min Zhang with 214,000 were the other two fortunate players who made it through the end of the event’s tenth starting flight. Action lasted through Level 23.

With ten starting flights now in the books, there are just 60 players still in contention for yet-to-be-announced first-place prize and the event’s title. Survivors from all 16 starting flights will gather together for the very first time since the tournament’s beginning on Sunday, August 26. Play is slated to kick off at 1 pm local time at the host venue and to last until the official final table of nine is reached. The nine finalists will then battle it out until a winner is determined on Monday, August 27.

However, there are six more starting flights to be played over the next three days before the time for Day 2 comes. WPT500 action at The Bicycle Casino is set to resume today at 11:30 am for Day 1K. Day 1L will then begin at 5 pm.

The ongoing WPT500 Los Angeles actually features a record-breaking number of starting fields. With a total of 16 starting fields, the event is hoped to become the largest one since the WPT-branded series was established four years ago. It has since then featured two events per season/year.

The WPT500 Los Angeles is the closing event of this season. The other one was played at Aria Resort & Casino in Las Vegas back in June. That one attracted 2,983 entrants who generated a prize pool of nearly $1.5 million. Kyriakos Papadopoulos emerged victorious for a first-place prize of $207,940.

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